We have held our silence during the recent furore surrounding the false claims made in both Parliament and Press of late, for reasons of which may  Jeopardise the ongoing appeal our owners have with local authorities over site licence status and council tax payments being made.

To be clear – We dispute all claims recently made, our owners have even written to the MP requesting this was withdrawn as the complaints had been dealt with. There is evidence in the public domain dated back to 2012 where the Owners state they are aware of their licence and their responsibilities within said licence. We appreciate their support and will continue to work with them to positively improve and evolve the park.

BUT this is not about our company – what has tragically been lost during the recent events is the ongoing injustice suffered by our residents at the hands of the local council, wrongfully being made to pay council tax whilst they use their Leisure Home. We stand by their claim and will do whatever we can to ensure they either receive a full refund plus 8% interest as legally owed – or they have their park home statuses changed to residential. This is not about whether they want it to be residential or holiday home, this is about the basic theft of their money. Why is the local MP in Parliament not discussing this matter, the actual matter of importance.

People wishing to help these owners must help in the fight against the local council, against this injust manor in which they find themselves. Either give their money back or give them the home status YOU are making them pay for.




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