Supposing I don’t want to use all my own funds to buy?2019-02-28T13:49:01+01:00

Loans are available to those buying a homes, and the major lenders are the larger independent finance houses.

Their charges tend to be more competitive than personal bank loans.

How does the purchase cost compare with conventional housing?2019-02-28T13:49:19+01:00

Purchase costs usually compare very favourably, and of course vary according to the home chosen and the location, in other words, precisely the same factors, which influence the price of a conventional house.

Do you offer a warranty on park homes?2019-02-28T13:49:34+01:00

Yes, all of our park homes come with a Gold Shield Warranty ensuring that homes benefit from a full structural cover for a 10 year period.

Are most parks for the retired?2019-02-28T13:50:12+01:00

Yes, the majority of homeowners are in or near retirement and many parks have rules so that they are exclusively for an older community. On other parks, there is a
different age profile and a higher proportion of homeowners who go out to work on a full-time or part-time basis.

Our gated park creates a sense of security that many of our residents highlight as an important factor and they enjoy the feeling of being safe and secure. Park home ownership is an excellent choice for semiretired or retired people who are looking for a simpler and easier life.

The homes require very little maintenance and upkeep with considerably lower running costs compared to a traditional bricks and mortar home. The homes are single-storey, spacious and bright
providing an ideal and convenient living environment.

What to consider when choosing a park2019-02-28T13:50:43+01:00

Being close to family and other loved ones is also often a key consideration for many of our residents.

Each of our parks offers a unique experience and leisure activities in the vicinity and how you enjoy spending your time will play an important role in finding the right park location for you. There are a few key points to consider when deciding on the park location. The proximity of local amenities such as groceries, pharmacy and transport links is important.

People think that a park home is like a Caravan. Can you help me explain the difference?2019-02-28T13:51:22+01:00

Most people only realise the difference when they see one and can appreciate the fact that a park home is more like a full sized modern bungalow than a caravan.

Although in law, park homes are regarded as mobile homes, in reality they provide a comfortable and spacious single storey home which is very similar in appearance to any built by traditional methods. Park homes are designed for year-round residence, whereas a caravan’s lighter weight construction is intended for intermittent use.

How do park homes differ from conventional houses?2019-02-28T13:52:34+01:00

Park homes are usually fully-furnished and their modern interiors provide good sized living areas and a separate kitchen. Often supplied with integrated appliances, built-in cupboards and wardrobes, two or three bedrooms and a fitted bathroom.

Central heating and double glazing are usually installed as standard, and so is carpeting throughout

Are there any other on-going costs?2019-02-28T13:53:12+01:00

All parks charge a ground rent or management fee, this is reviewed every year in line with the RPI (retail price index) you are also responsible for bills such as council tax (band A or B) gas and electric. Water and sewage is included in the ground rent.