While you may have spent many years looking forward to retirement, it’s amazing how unprepared many of us are for the actuality of it.
If you’ve found yourself struggling to adapt to your new lifestyle, maybe it’s time to consider a Park Home? Here are 3 signs it could be the right time for you…

1. You feel isolated
It’s not embarrassing to admit you feel alone; in fact, 1.4 million over-50s experience loneliness in the UK. There can be many reasons for feeling isolated following retirement. For starters, the lack of routine in the absence of work can mean we have little reason to get up at a normal hour or even leave the house. What’s more, the house which largely served as a base in between work and family engagements can suddenly feel large and overwhelming when you are stuck in it all day. If you’re starting to go stir-crazy, don’t give in to loneliness. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals in a close-knit community like a park home can be the impetus you need to meet new people and start embracing life.

2. Things become more difficult
As you become less agile, the traditional family home can pose several challenges. If your property is old, it might be beginning to present a near-endless round of maintenance tasks and issues which need fixing. Climbing on ladders and risking a fall, tiring yourself out mowing that extensive lawn, or paying for someone else to come in help with maintenance or general cleaning can put you out of pocket or even out of action altogether. Even simply climbing stairs several times a day can become difficult as you get older. Downsizing to one of the many modern residential park homes not only helps you focus on the future, it also helps you spend more of your retirement doing the things you love with ease, rather than fixing problems!

3. You’re craving something new and adventurous
If you’re starting to feel confined by your home and are craving a more carefree life, it could be a sign you’re ready to embrace a new way of living. Park homes offer an abundance of opportunities for socialising and getting active in the great outdoors, keeping your mind and body stimulated and giving you a new lease of life in your golden years. There are plenty of new hobbies for retirees that are perfect for enjoying solo or with someone new from your park home community, to inject some adventure into your day.

Retirement needn’t be a burden – if you’ve experienced any or all of these feelings, it might be time to consider park home living in retirement and start enjoying what could be the happiest years of your life.

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