Pilgrims Retreat – Harrietsham, Kent

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Are you feeling like it’s time for a break? Do you feel like it’s time to get away from the busy hustle of your current lifestyle and embark on a new start somewhere quiet and peaceful?

Pilgrims Retreat in Heart of Kent is a secure gated development that offers secluded outdoor space, and idyllic walks in the beautiful Kent Countryside. This exquisite 30 acre development has both Residential and Leisure Licenses meaning you can Buy a Residential Park home on the part of the park with this license or you can buy the perfect Leisure Lodge with 12 month license, this offers you unrivalled peace and tranquillity in this beautiful corner of Kent called The Garden of England.

Each home is fully landscaped with beautiful scenery & luxurious homes of all shapes and sizes, where like-minded people with the desire for peaceful living live their days, why would you want to be anywhere else? Pilgrims Retreat is quite simply one of Kent’s most Luxurious and Iconic Residential and Leisure Parks. And because we have both licenses the park has unrivalled facilities.

With a Stunning range of Residential Park Homes and Luxury Holiday Lodges available, where else in Kent would you need to be.

You really should come and have a look: we think you will like it as much as we do, see you real soon.

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